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You will find us by going out from the metro station "Museum" and going to the inner courtyard (near bank branch of Česká spořitelna bank). Changes this restaurant underwent during the reconstruction are just huge. The history of the building, that is now known as Pizzeria Václavka goes back to Middle Ages. Detailed history of the house has been described since 1377 and, as mentioned in historical sources, the house is one of the oldest on Wenceslas Square.

The house "U Šrámů" # 48 in the XVII century belonged to the famous Ondřej Kotva from Freifeld, and then after to the most important King adviser Jan Ch. Šrepl from Spielberg. In 1710, the sources mention the first brewery was built in this house. In 1814, when the house was bought by Bauer, a large renovation began in the style of late classicism governed by famous architect Josef Clement Peshek. The reconstruction was completed in 1839, and since 1899 the third floor has been added.

The restaurant was re-opened thanks to Mr. Emil Voňk, who rented the building in 1941 and founded the Pomona restaurant. In 1951, on the place where in the time of Maria Theresa was a stall for horses, and then parking for government cars, the Czech restaurant Jizera was created. which in 1990 was renamed Václavka.

Now the restaurant is located on 277 m² with an open private terrace, where we can serve 170 guests. Fine arched ceilings, space fragmentation with natural stones preserve the whole history and energy of the place. Unique architectural elements of the interior combined with natural wood materials will satisfy the most demanding guest. Classical cuisine has passed its place to more delicious Italian. Our chef offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, and pasta that we produce in-house, so only fresh meals are always served to your table. We are cooking our pizza in our own wood oven according to the original Italian recipes.

Your welcome to taste the traditional Czech beer and enjoy the atmosphere in our restaurant every day. Regardless of day time, we will surprise you with a healthy breakfast, delicious business lunch or an excellent dinner for you and your family.

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